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AlinIQ AMS adds value to customer solutions for the management of laboratories


AlinIQ AMS: an expert middleware to better manage the flow of data throughout your entire clinical laboratory network.

Disparate lab IT systems often lack functionality to drive efficiency, which can result in fragmented workflow processes. With AlinIQ AMS*, our analyzer management system, you can standardize IT and workflow functionality across your lab's entire network, enabling you to optimize your efficiency and quality.

AlinIQ AMS is a scalable solution that can connect any analyzer or automation system to the LIS to better manage the flow of data throughout the entire workflow process.

*AlinIQ AMS was formerly called LABONLINE

MIDDLEWARE: Complete Optimization

With increasing demands on productivity and decreasing resources, clinical laboratories are looking for ways to reduce staffing costs, reduce review rates, optimize sample throughput, and improve accuracy and consistency of reported results.

An ever-growing number of laboratories are choosing to enhance their information systems by using dedicated middleware software alongside their traditional LIS. Middleware – software that optimizes the flow and management of data between analyzer and LIS – is emerging as an important component in the overall laboratory informatics environment. Middleware is able to handle any sized laboratory, from single analyzers to large, multi-site networks.

Through the use of AlinIQ AMS you can streamline the management of key laboratory data such as patient test orders and quality data. And with the open connectivity of AlinIQ AMS, regardless of which analyzers and automation systems you use, you can achieve the following important objectives:

  • Standardize and automate decision making
  • Reduce errors
  • Alleviate impact of staff shortages
  • Decrease operational costs
MIDDLEWARE: Complete Optimization

AlinIQ AMS Functionality

AlinIQ AMS provides five categories of added functionality that enhance many of the capabilities found in your laboratory information system.

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AlinIQ AMS Functionality

AlinIQ AMS Capabilities

AlinIQ AMS provides five categories of added functionality that enhances the lab’s management of data to improve productivity and quality of test results. Together, these capabilities, combined with our expert advisors, empower you to maximize your potential through insightful conclusions that drive improved operational productivity and quality.

  • Unlimited number of workstations and instrument connections
  • Unlimited number of LIS and/or Hospital Information System (HIS) connections
  • Supports any communication protocol
  • Supports historical results archives of unlimited size
  • Connection of different sites within a laboratory network
  • User interface to easily browse data and access functionality

AlinIQ AMS Test Management provides automated, synchronized solutions to streamline the ordering, processing and review of patient tests and results. Test Management includes the following capabilities:

  • MANUAL TEST RESULT REVIEW: Improve the ability for lab staff to manually review and release patient results when manual review is essential
  • TEST RESULT AUTOVERIFICATION: Automate the review of test results according to standardized rules, so your staff can focus on higher-level tasks
  • HEMATOLOGY WORKFLOW: Streamline the specific work processes for hematology with a centralized place to view, enter and manage images and data
  • ORDER ENTRY AND REPORTING: Provide a reliable backup to your LIS for entering new patient orders and printing patient reports

AlinIQ AMS Sample Management allows you to define the ideal workflow processes for your laboratory and helps you monitor performance against your goals. Sample Management includes the following capabilities:

  • SAMPLE WORKFLOW: Monitor the current location of your samples, as well as all remaining work steps
  • TURNAROUND TIME (TAT) MONITORING: See real-time alerts whenever TAT values approach a predefined maximum target
  • SAMPLE STORAGEAND RETRIEVAL: Automatically assign and record the archive locations of samples for fast, reliable storage and retrieval
  • SAMPLE LOGISTICS: Track sample movement between locations to monitor incoming workloads as well as sample integrity during transport

AlinIQ AMS Quality Management can help your institution exceed its already high quality standards. Quality Management includes the following capabilities:

  • QUALITY CONTROL: Automate and improve QC management processes – customized to the unique needs of your lab
  • EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE: Know when maintenance is due, and track maintenance history for all lab equipment from a single location
  • MOVING AVERAGES: Use patient data to monitor shifts in instrument performance and assay performance
  • QC SOFTWARE INTEGRATION: Enable bi-directional communication to fully utilize the capabilities of other QC software such as Bio-Rad Unity Real Time
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Track adherence to operating procedures to support compliance and accreditation activities

AlinIQ AMS Equipment Management allows you to centralize and monitor performance issues as they occur. Equipment Management includes the following capabilities:

  • LAB VIEWER: A real-time system that allows you to monitor and control all laboratory instruments and automation systems from a single location
  • AUTOMATION MANAGEMENT: Specifically designed to enable remote visibility of system performance and enhance operator productivity

AlinIQ AMS Historical Reports empower you to maximize your potential through insightful data that drive improved operational productivity.


Omnilab References

  • Over 4,000 diagnostic instruments interfaced
  • More than 500 clinical laboratories and blood banks
  • More than 65 different LIS systems interfaced
  • Installations in over 30 countries
  • >650 software drivers currently available


AlinIQ AMS has an extensive library of available drivers –More than 650 drivers are currently available from popular systems such as

  • Abbott Diagnostics
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Sysmex Corporation
  • Dasit
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Diasorin
  • Dade Behring
  • Menarini
  • Medical Systems
  • Sebia
  • Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
  • Alifax
  • Bayer
  • Siemens
  • BioRad Laboratories
  • Orion
  • Tosoh Medics
  • bioMerieux
  • Olympus Italia
  • Inpeco

To find out if we have drivers for your instruments, please complete the following form and we will respond shortly.